Back at Work is overseen by Alexander Irving, Osteopath and Workstation Assessor.

In 2003 Alex set up his Osteopathic practice in central London and began to see that many people were struggling with the challenges of sitting and working at computer workstations. He has always been interested in teaching people how to take care of themselves and so began to learn how to help his patients do what they could to improve their working environments.

It wasn't long before he was being asked to visit people at their offices (his first client was the General Osteopathic Council) and over the years he has added different levels of assessment to cover a range of painful conditions, from mild to severe, as well as assessments that can help to prevent pain. His interest in pain led him to complete an MSc in Pain, Science and Society at King's College London in 2010.

These days he spends much of his time consulting with a wide range of clients, from multinationals with thousands of employees to small companies, to individuals working from home. He is still based in central London but is happy to travel to see you.

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